Pm Kisan Registration 2024: Eligibility Criteria, Document, Benefit, Application Process Check Here?

The PM-KISAN Yojana, launched by the government in 2018, is a critical step toward assisting small and marginal farmers throughout India. Every year, they receive ₹6,000, divided into three equal amounts of ₹2,000 each. While new registrations are now closed as of February 2024, the information provided here is useful in understanding the qualifying requirements, registration process, and other relevant aspects for when registrations reopen.

This initiative is significant since it aims to improve farmers’ financial well-being. The widely awaited 16th installment, slated to be released on February 28, 2024, emphasizes the significance of farmers completing their registrations immediately. This assures that customers not only receive future payments, but also continue to benefit from this beneficial project.

PM-KISAN is more than just a cash aid program; it demonstrates the government’s commitment to assisting farmers and fostering agricultural sustainability. By simplifying the registration procedure and assuring regular payments, PM-KISAN represents more than simply financial aid; it represents the government’s commitment to strengthening the nation’s foundation: hardworking farmers. In essence, the PM-KISAN Yojana is an innovative program aimed at improving farmers’ livelihoods and contributing to the general success of India’s agricultural sector.

Pm Kisan Registration 2024-Overview

Event Registration for PM-Kisan Scheme
Scheme Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi
Government Government of India
Department Department of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare
PM Kisan Amount INR 6,000 Every year
Beneficiary Small & Marginal Farmers
Registration Mode Both Online & Offline
PM Kisan Registration Approval Time Up to 15 Days
Launch Date 01 December 2018
PM Kisan Official Website


Eligibility for PM-KISAN Yojana: Supporting Small Farmers

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) The Yojana follows certain simple guidelines to ensure that the proper farmers receive the assistance they require.

  • Small and marginal farmers:

This refers to farmers with little land, notably those with up to 2 hectares of cultivable land.The goal is to assist people who own smaller farms and may require additional assistance.

  • Age requirement:

Farmers between the ages of 18 and 40 are eligible for this assistance. It’s like lending a helping hand to farmers who are just getting started or in the thick of things.

  • Non-Governmental Employees:

If anyone in the farmer’s family works for the government, they are ineligible for this assistance.This ensures that the help is directed to families who mostly farm and excludes those who work elsewhere.

Documents Needed for PM-KISAN Yojana Registration: 

  1. Aadhaar Card:

If you are a farmer and wish to participate in the PM-KISAN program, you will need your Aadhaar card. It functions similarly to a farmer’s unique identity card. This card is required when signing up online to ensure that all information is secure and correct.

  1. Passport Size Photo:

Along with your Aadhaar card, you need to have a recent passport-sized photo. This is a simple photo of you. They want to be able to immediately recognize you. It’s like putting a face to the facts you’ve provided.

  1. Land Details:

The program needs information about your farm, such as its size. As a result, you will be required to provide information about your property. This is to ensure that support reaches farmers with smaller farms who may require more assistance.

  1. Income Certificate:

They may want a document proving your farming income. This paper is referred to as an income certificate. It serves as proof that help is being provided to farmers who truly need it based on their income.

  1. Bank Account Details:

To obtain financial assistance, you will need to provide details about your bank account. This is where they will deposit the funds. It’s a simple approach to ensuring you obtain financial assistance quickly.

  1. Active phone number:

Having a working phone is critical. They may need to call or text you regarding your application and payments. So, make sure your phone is active and reachable for program updates.

  1. Email ID:

You do not have to provide your email address, but if you do, they may send you additional information and updates via email. It’s an optional yet useful way to remain updated on the program.

Pm Kisan Registration 2024 Process

  • Step 1: Visit the official PM-KISAN portal:

To begin your registration for the PM-KISAN scheme, navigate to the official website by entering into your browser.

  • Step 2:Click on the “New Farmer Registration” option.

Once on the website, look for the “New Farmer Registration” option. Clicking on this selection starts the process of registering as a beneficiary.

  • Step 3: Choose an arural, rural, or urban farmer:

The system will prompt you to identify as a “rural farmer” or a “urban farmer.” Choose the category that best fits your farming location.

  • Step 4:Enter the Aadhaar number and mobile number:

Enter your Aadhaar number, a government-issued unique identity number, as well as the cellphone number associated with it. This information is critical for verification and communication during the registration process.

  • Step 5:Select your state.drop-down

Choose your state from the dropdown menu. This facilitates the categorization and management of apps based on geographical regions.

  • Step 6:Enter the Captcha Code:

To prove that a real person is filling out the form, you must enter the characters from a captcha code given on the screen.

  • step7:Click “Get OTP” and enter OTP:

When you click the “Get OTP” button, the system will send you a one-time password (OTP). Enter this OTP on the webpage to authenticate your mobile number.

  • Step 8:Click “Submit” and enter the Aadhaar OTP:

After entering the mobile OTP, click “Submit.” A second OTP will be issued to your Aadhaar-linked mobile number, which you must enter to further verify your identity.

  • Step 9:Fill in the remaining details.

Following the successful OTP verifications, you will be sent to a form where you must enter more information. This contains both personal information and specifics about the property you cultivate. Ensure that all of the information is accurate and up to date.

  • 10:Review and submit:

Before completing your registration, carefully review all of the information you’ve submitted. If everything is right, click “Submit” to finish the registration process. This step concludes the first application, and your information will be sent for additional verification and approval.

Important points 

  • Check your information and money:

To determine if your registration is valid and how much money you will receive, go to the PM-KISAN website and click on “Farmers Corner.”. It’s like a wonderful spot for farmers.

  • Connect Aadhaar with Your Bank:

Make sure your Aadhaar card (unique ID) is linked to your bank. This way, when they pay you money, it goes directly to your bank account with no problems.

  • There is no need to sign up again (usually).

If you already receive payments from PM-KISAN, you normally do not need to sign up again unless something changes. If your details or bank information remain the same, you’re good to go. But if something changes, you may need to update it.

Additional Information:

  • The 16th installment of PM-KISAN is expected to be released in February-March 2024.
  • For any queries or assistance, you can contact the PM-KISAN Helpline at 011-24361161.
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